The ultrasound create million of tiny bubbles 

Ultrasonic Cleaning Tiny Dirt Structure 

Ultrasonic vibration generated from vibrator could form numerous bubbles(cavitation) which could not be seen by naked eyes in water.  Shock wave that bubbles(cavitation) produced at the moment of explosion will smash stains in gaps which could be difficult to clean off usually, and perfectly remove dust which clean cloth and brush are unable to clean up.

The dirt separated from the objects


1.Please make sure to fill water in the limit(MAX) standard line of cleaner tank with a cup.

2.Cut the home aluminium foil into about 15x4cm.

3.Slowly put the aluminium foil into water and let it sink.

4.Plug the plug of adaptor and the power plug into the socket, and press the power switch.

5.Press the power switch of the machine to start the experiment.

These bubbles implode in on themselves


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