Smartclean Vision.5 Eyewear Ultrasonic Cleaner

Gadgetflow - Smartclean

Keep your glasses clean with the Smartclean Vision.5 Eyewear Ultrasonic Cleaner. Featuring a patented design and suitable ultrasonic frequency, the SmartClean Vision.5 is ideal for cleaning dirt and stains off your eyeglasses. Using just tap water, the SmartClean Vision.5 is convenient to use at home or while traveling. Likewise, its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to bring with you. To use the ultrasonic cleaner, start by filling water with a cup below the MAX line. Then put your glasses into the tank and connect the device to a power supply. Press the power switch to begin cleaning and just press it again to stop the cycle. You can also wait for the machine to turn off automatically after five minutes. Afterwards, rinse your glasses with running water. Finally, you can add a couple of drops of detergent for even better results.


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