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Crystal Clear Glasses
in Only 3 Minutes

It only takes 2-3 minutes to make your glasses brighter than ever before. Don’t worry about leaving Smartclean on while you leave the room. After 5 minutes, Smartclean will turn itself off so you can go about your everyday tasks while waiting for your glasses to clean.

SmartClean Vision.7
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SmartClean Vision.5

Cleaning with regular soap and running water or glasses cloth can only clean the surface of glasses .

A lot of face oil, dust is still hiding in nook and cranny of the glasses.

Smartclean Vision.5 uses ultrasonic vibrations to agitate the water, allowing it to efficiently clean any dirt, dust, grime, oil, smudges off from every nook and cranny of your spectacles. With the fashionable design and portable size, ultrasonic cleaner is no more a medical device. It is a style statement!

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